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Started in 1984, the Giggling Marlin was once the only bar in downtown Cabo San Lucas.


Since that time Cabo has grown to include over 400 bars and restaurants, and numerous other shopping and dining establishments.


Throughout all the growth, the Giggling Marlin has remained the number one place to go while visiting Cabo San Lucas.

Things start out pretty quiet in the morning. This is a great time for a seafood omelet, huevos rancheros or the Bloody Mary the doctor prescribed. By night time the place is packed, so if you plan on staying late—you might want to come early.

Eat all day!

Traditional Mexican entrees, American-style food, an other international fare!

Check out our Late Night Gallery

Check out our Late Night Gallery - photos, videos, fun!

Check out the Dance Show

One thing we do here: dance.

Ok...and drink.

But we dance.

Charter a fishing boat.

Did someone say "fishing"?

Let the Giggling Marlin set you up with the best little fishing charter this side of Juneau, Alaska.

Not only can we serve you great fish, we can help you catch them. The Giggling Marlin has one of the finest fleets of fishing charters available.

Pick up some great t-shirts and gifts

Take home the memories...!

Take the Goyo Challenge!

Um...well...upside down jello shots.

Check out the Too Much Fun Club

Is there such a thing...TOO much fun??!

Just hang out and enjoy the surroundings

Cabo is one of the most beautiful places to relax!

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